Lost Coast Daddies Series

Gracie’s lights go out in the middle of the night and Luke is the only one who can turn her back on. One thing is certain in this forced proximity, ddlg story …sparks fly faster than you can say “spanking”!

The Lost Coast is a new adult, daddy dom series. It’s full of good girls who know when to be bad, hot men and a charming small-town chock full of pet raccoons, couture cupcakes and a wild place where you’ll want to live forever

Demanding Daddy Series

Stone-hearted Predator. Hired Gun.
But I just call him “Daddy”.

If you love scorchingly, steamy romance, you'll love this age gap, enemies-ot-lovers romance.

The Demanding series is a must read for fans of forbidden, dirty fairy tale retellings, chase scenes, and getting lost in an enchanted world of level five spice.

Silver Fox Daddy Series

He’s going to teach me to be a very badly behaved girl indeed. And I’m going to love every minute.

This age gap, forbidden, series is for every reader who loves stories that make your stomach swoop and toes curl. Transport yourself into the enchanting town of Briarville and beyond. Follow these commanding, yet gentle heroes on their quests to find lasting love on the real-life Lost Coast of California. 

Rough Redemption Series

Life had taught me to expect the unexpected.

But as for the dirty things he’d make me do as his fake fiancée, I never could have seen them coming.

Readers are calling these super possessive, book boyfriends who stop at nothing to protect their girl “addictive”.  “I never thought that I would like a mafia story, let alone, love it! I did LOVE this book!” - Wendy Bowen

Monster Mate Fantasy Romance Series

Gads — could my little human even accommodate the size of me? Or am I lusting after something that's physically impossible? Whatever the case, she stirs the beast in me, and I will possess her – fake fiancé or not.

This muy spicy monster romance series features stories about a minotaur, centaur, and orc hero and their human mates. If you love doting doms and swoony alphas gifted with amazing appendages, you’ll devour these books.