Sizzling Hot Daddy

Sizzling Hot Daddy

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Sizzling Hot Daddy (Lost Coast Daddies Romance Book 1)
Gracie’s lights go out in the middle of the night and Luke is the only
one who can turn her back on. Turns out, he’s a daddy dom who’s
dying to shock her in bed. One thing is certain in this forced proximity
story...sparks fly faster than you can say “spanking”!

Luke: Gracie is too tempting.

A hot mess.

And she's too easy to access in my guest room.

It's a real shame how her mouthwatering curves are driving me mad.

Ruffly undies, little girl squeals and delicious voluptuousness all make me
want to taste her.

She’s armed with stuffed bunnies and a stockpile of vanilla cupcakes
against the world.

A world, which has shown her its worst before she was old enough to fight

She needs a protector, and I won’t stop until she realizes I’m the man for
the job.

Will she learn to follow my rules?

Or will she sass and disobey on purpose in order to receive my
special brand of discipline?

One thing is for sure, when an unwanted intruder from the past threatens
the happiness we’ve found together, I’ll do whatever it takes to prove to
Gracie that I’m loyal to the end.

This is a standalone steamy romance and a part of the Lost Coast
Daddies series. Each book can be enjoyed as on its own. If you love
HEAs featuring tough guys with a soft spot for their heroines, click the buy
button to dive right in and experience the world of the Lost Coast Daddies:
rugged men, sassy women, and sparks that fly.