Rough Redemption Mafia Romance | Complete Boxed Set

Rough Redemption Mafia Romance | Complete Boxed Set

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"She’ll be under my lock and key, except for her shifts at the bakery." Dante Drago
"He's fierce, protective, and obsessed with keeping her!" - 5 Star Review

Punishing Thirst - Grumpy Hero Dante Drago saves the day — for a price — he demands Savanna López stand in as his Fake Fiancé in this steamy Mafia
She needs rescuing, but the very thought of having Savanna caged up, beholden to me,
makes my pulse quicken and certain parts of my anatomy swell.
From the second I meet her, I know I'll devour her faster than a piece of the delicious carrot
cake she makes.
She's on the run.
I'll keep her secret, but she owes me one.
She'll be under my lock and key, except for her shifts at the bakery.
The only problem with my plan is that it backfires.
Now she has my baby inside her, and there are two people to look after instead of one.
Lord knows, I'm no angel.
But I have to defend her, and keep our baby safe.

Commanding Thirst - Made Man, Antonio Drago forgot most of what he learned in school —
but bookworm Daphne Pruitt swallows him up heart and soul in this second chance, mafia romance. 

Ever since walking her home every day from school, I fell hard for her.
It was wrong then, but now she's of age.
And she needs my help again.
Her sister's in deep with the Cartel, and has gone missing.
Right on schedule, it's Daphne's job to save her.
It's time someone took care of my baby girl for a change.
I never professed to be above bribery, and I'm a dark devil after all, because once I specify
my demands I can no longer resist her.
Right then I know I'll shock the hell out of her like I've been wanting to do since that first
day I walked her home from high school.
I admitted it.
I'm a filthy, rotten scoundrel.
The question is, will she forgive me?

Obsessive Thirst - An Italian mobster. A missing fiancé. A forbidden obsession he cannot resist.

Enzo Drago: 
I watch her like a hawk.
Someone has to. My best friend's daughter has a knack for getting herself into trouble.
Turns out, protecting her isn't as easy as I expected.
She doesn't realize I'm obsessed with her. Watching over her when she has no clue I'm there.
Taking photos to stare at later on, privately, satisfying my urges while looking at her hot pics.
My vow to keep my hands off her is impossible when she follows me around like a lost puppy. 
Does she tempt me on purpose? Or is that the wishful thinking of a beaten and battered,
middle-aged gangster?
Tessa's clueless about how much trouble her outstanding debt to the Dragos will bring. 
I kept them at bay as long as I could, but we're not running a charity operation here. 
Crazy chemistry aside, I'm the wrong guy for her — a monster disguised in an expensive suit.
But no matter how hard I try to resist, I can't stop thinking of making her my toy. 
Showing her the rules of my game. 
Risking just one touch to fulfill a forever fantasy.
She is sunshine and I am darkness, and I assumed I controlled the stakes between us. 
But now Tessa's in real trouble. 
You can bet your life on it, there's going to be hell to pay. 

Captive Thirst - A cartel princess in disguise. An attempted kidnapping. One arranged
marriage to strengthen the crime family syndicate.

Carlos Drago:
Her scent gave her away.
Pure female.
She hid her true identity, so she could race my colt, and I'll be damned if she didn't win.
When enemies tried to snatch her up and stuff her in a trunk, I drove them off and took her home.
The problem is, she makes me feel.
Gabriela has no idea about my plans for us both, and when she finds out, that spark in her smile
that I love so much might go away. Ours will be a marriage that unites our families.
The very thought of her unhappiness makes this fearsome soldier, whose body is a deadly weapon,
deeply, irrevocably afraid.
I can't lose her.
Though my hands are scarred with murder, I lull her to sleep every night and kiss her eyes.
She is my weakness. Despite being stronger than iron, I cannot resist her.
When trouble comes looking for her, I hunt it down.
She's my family now.
Nobody hurts my family and lives.
No one.

This Juicy Mafia Romance box set is full of super possessive, hot heroes who stop at nothing
to protect their girl. This complete set of stand-alone books in the Rough Redemption Series are
complete with HEAs, no cheating or cliffhangers. There are fiery hot scenes in and out of the bedroom!

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Alyx R
Hot Hard Alpha Men

And hard hard sex. I mean what more do you want?

Lol seriously these aren’t Mafia light. Their not super dark but there is a crap ton of violence so be warned. Also the sex is dark, decadent, kinky and involves themes of bdsm. There is always consent but that might be a trigger for some.

I f***ing LOVE Olivia Fox. I actually read these through Kindle Unlimited, but then was offered a deal to purchase the set. They’re so good I bought them.

I don’t know if I have a favorite yet but I adore Olivia’s world building and character development. The Lost Coast, Humboldt County is a real place. It’s wild and beautiful, the perfect background. Storylines are coherent and consistent as character behavior. The dialogue is always right on point, I never wonder who is talking.

The plots are tight, lots of action, not just sex, all her character grow and become this family that you learn about.

No spoilers. But read the books, their NSFW or reading in public unless you have a GREAT poker face.