Bestselling PAPERBACK Silver Fox Daddy Romance Series 30% OFF!

Bestselling PAPERBACK Silver Fox Daddy Romance Series 30% OFF!

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Enjoy an excerpt from Daddy Crush below:
My name is Clover Anderson and my life is officially a dumpster fire.
I never thought my dad’s best friend would be the match to light the flames.
But when my would-be accoster attempts to torch my entire life -- that’s exactly what happens.
Instead of facing the heat, I run. Straight into the arms of Duke and his stern commands which fill my entire body with longing.
He gives me a job, and a roof over my head. And every day I look for clues that there is something beyond the strict boss versus employee rapport.

"That should do it, Clover." His dark eyes were unreadable as he leaned across the counter and wiped his hands with a kitchen towel, making his forearms flex in a way I found quite disturbing.

“You certain you’ve been cleaning the espresso machine after every brew, like I taught you?”

There it was. That strict command of his which made my entire body fill with longing.

When the back of Duke’s fingers brushed against my arm as he reached for a tea towel, it was worth every ounce of the trouble that brought me here.

A jolt of electricity surged in my blood, as his skin moved lightly against mine.

I was more alert than I’d ever been in my life.

Every cell in my body awakened in a sudden rush, humming with an electricity I’d never known.

“Promise.” I sighed.

He was my dad’s best friend. It pained me to be close to him, and it made me ache.

A lot.

Only not in the way I expected. “I listen to what you say. You’re the one in charge.” I whispered, “Boss.”

The words that left his lips could have been stated innocently, but the way they landed between my legs was anything but. “Good girl.”


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  1.  Daddy Esquire
  2.  Daddy Issues
  3.  Daddy Says
  4.  My Daddy
  5.  Daddy Crush