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Captured: Enemies to Lovers Romance (Demanding Daddy Book 1)
Stone-hearted Predator. Hired Gun.
But I just call him “Daddy”.
Liam Whittaker.
A man who hides in the shadows to seek his prey. The battle scars on his
face conceal him from the world. He’s a professional problem solver and
I’m his biggest pain in the butt.
He’s formidable. Focused. Chased by fiends both real and imagined.
But beneath the cynical, stern exterior lies a true and tender heart - one
that needs to command me.
Too bad he’s employed by bad guys to haul me in and punish me for my
so-called crimes.
Even though I’m tempted to remain and solve the mystery of his
demanding discipline, I know I have to escape and flee from his desire.
He and I don’t stand a chance.
I’m his enemy. A computer hacking, book reading, board game playing
nerd who pissed off the villains that sent Liam to find me. Once he delivers
me to them, my geeky days on this earth are over.
But his lips scorch my soul and fuse me to him. They say that only in the
darkness can you see the stars, and under the spell of twilight, his
devouring kisses shoot me up to the heavens.
He tells me I’m a good girl. But I must run away, half-hoping all the while
he’ll catch me and keep me.

From Amazon Best Seller Olivia Fox comes this enemies to lovers, alpha
romance. Captured is part of her Dirty Fairy Tales series, inspired by
Beauty and the Beast. Each book is a standalone, naughty ever after.

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This book does not feature age play, pacis or Pull-Ups®. It does showcase
the sparks that fly in this significant age gap and enemies to lovers story.